Hawai‘i's coastlines have become increasingly plagued with plastic and other marine debris—and nowhere in the state is this issue more visible than on the Big Island's southeast coast. Need help imaging just how dirty these beaches are? Take our quiz to get a snapshot of the impact dozens of volunteers made in just one morning.
Flyback Friday: A New Fleet for a New Era
In the summer of 1941, Inter-Island Airways (the former alias of Hawaiian Airlines) made its first large-scale fleet upgrade in company history. After flying amphibious planes for nearly 12 years, our founder Stan Kennedy pushed for the acquisition of three Douglas DC-3s, the aircraft recognized as the greatest of its time.
The upcoming three-day marketplace will feature hundreds of Hawai‘i businesses from throughout the Islands, including our interactive, entrepreneur-focused booth done in collaboration with our partner, Mana Up, a local initiative helping companies scale their products.