safety screenshot

Hawaiian Airlines’ iconic safety video, which, for nearly a decade, transported guests to destinations across the islands while employees relayed important safety information, has taken on a refreshed look.

In the new, seven-minute video that launched last week, 57 new and original cast members – including teenagers or adults who were keiki (children) in the 2015 spot – are shown in different locations doing their favorite things, from a father and son fishing in Hilo Bay to ʻohana (family) gathering for a backyard pāʻina (party).

The production team spent three months planning for seven days of filming. Their efforts resulted in a tropical, community-inspired storyboard that is engaging, educational and celebratory of Hawaiianʻs people and the places they call home. 

Here are some behind-the-scenes fun facts about Hawaiian’s newest safety video, now available on its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet (and coming soon to its Airbus A330).

A trip around the Hawaiian Islands

The video takes viewers to all four major Hawaiian islands – Oʻahu, Maui, Hawaiʻi Island and Kauaʻi. Featured locations include:

  • The cabin of Hawaiian’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  • Kualoa Ranch’s Secret Island on Windward Oʻahu
  • Paepae o He‘eia on Windward Oʻahu
  • Kako‘o ‘Ōiwi on Windward Oʻahu
  • Kula Lavender Farm in Upcountry Maui
  • Makapu‘u Lighthouse Trail on Windward Oʻahu
  • Hilo Bay on Hawaiʻi Island
  • Hilo Farmer’s Market on Hawaiʻi Island
  • Kipu Ranch Adventures on Kauaʻi
  • Pilalimai‘a Farm on Windward Oʻahu
  • The Nā Pali Coast on Kauaʻi
  • An employee's backyard in Mākaha on Leeward Oʻahu
safety screenshot 2
The aircraft illustration placed among loʻi kalo (taro patches) at Kako‘o ‘Ōiwi on Windward Oʻahu

Keiki, all grown up

In continuing the theme of ʻohana, keiki from the 2015 video were assigned the same lines. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Safety briefing card scene (3:52-4:12): Flight Attendant Mapuana and her daughter Hilina‘i, who are in the original shave ice scene, are featured in the new Hilo Farmer’s Market scene with Flight Attendant Maria and her daughters.
  • Emergency path lights scene (1:56-2:04): Two daughters of Flight Attendant Kanoe, Teahi and Lilinoe, who are in the original flower aisle scene at Kualoa Ranch, are now featured in the new lavender farm scene with Flight Attendant Kiakona.
  • Storing electronics scene (5:24-5:55): The Perry siblings, Brandy, Maka‘ala and Helemalieikealapono, who are in the original Waimea canyon scene, are now featured in the new Nā Pali Coast scene.

Aloha in everything we do

Did you know the production team scattered hidden placements of “aloha” throughout the video, including on clothing and physical items? Some are tricky to spot, so here’s the complete list:

  • Black and white aloha sticker on the SUP fin: 35-:37
  • Aloha Collection white hip pack: 1:18
  • Aloha Modern bag while at the lavender farm: 1:59
  • Aloha luggage tag in overhead bin: 2:27
  • Aloha on yellow shirt: 2:38-2:41 & 2:44-2:50, 2:57
  • Blue aloha hat on chair at Hilo Bay: 3:49-3:51
  • Aloha bracelet at the Hilo Farmers Market: 3:55
  • Orange aloha sticker on the ATV: 4:17-4:20
  • Aloha on a hat at imu (inground oven): 4:48
  • Aloha surfboard sticker: 5:16-5:17
  • Chopstick holder at pā'ina: 5:59
Aloha spot
One of the hidden alohas placed throughout Hawaiian's new safety video