Kia Ora Hawaiʻi! Aloha Aotearoa! Celebrating a Decade of Sharing Aloha with Auckland
Despite a geographical divide spanning 4,600 miles, Hawaiʻi and New Zealand (Aotearoa) are often thought to be bonded by a shared commitment to their culture, language and Pacific Island heritage. For 10 years, Hawaiian Airlines’ nonstop flights have served as another bridge between the two countries. Since the route’s launch on March 13, 2013, Hawaiian has proudly carried nearly 144,000 people between Auckland and Honolulu.
2022 In Review: The Year of Reconnecting Hawaiʻi with the World
In his annual year-end message, President and CEO Peter Ingram praised employees for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities: “The reduced flying through the pandemic gave us the opportunity to think through what building back better would look like, for you and for our guests. Last year was about putting that thinking into motion and building a foundation. This year, we start to fly.”
Gift Local-Style this LAU HALAday Season
There’s nothing quite as nostalgic as flipping through the pages of a holiday catalog to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Hawaiian Airlines is ringing in this merry season with a nod to the yesteryears through its third annual HawaiianMiles Holiday Catalog, a digital shopping guide featuring over 30 HawaiianMiles partners that offer Hawaiʻi-inspired gifts for every unique personality, from the adventurer to the trendsetter.