Traveling as a family can be stressful, from making sure you’ve packed the essentials to keeping your keiki’s (child’s) energetic nature in check. That’s where Hawaiian Airlines steps in.

Starting this month, parents and their kids can kick back and relax with our new Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids videos. The four-part series was created by Yoga Ed., a 20-year-old wellness company dedicated to improving education through the practice of yoga, and is available for all Main Cabin guests through our in-flight entertainment system.



“As a father of three young children, I understand the challenges that come with family travel,” said Evan Nomura, product manager of in-flight entertainment at Hawaiian Airlines. “These videos are a great solution for restless keiki because they’re fun, easy-to-do and entertaining.”

Each episode was designed with children in mind, guiding our youngest guests through a sequence of island-inspired stretching, breathing and visualization exercises. Parents can join their little ones as they breathe with the ocean’s tides, practice their best shaka, and imagine a big beautiful rainbow from 37,000 feet in the air.

A screenshot from the episode 'Calm,' where keiki are engaged with relaxing stretches and exercises, including throwing up their best shaka!


“We want flying to be fun for children, and these videos are the perfect tool to help them release the wiggles and giggles before, during and after their flight,” said Brynne Caleda, the Honolulu-based CEO of Yoga Ed. “Hawaiian Airlines’ commitment to wellness was the perfect complement to our company’s mission, and we’re looking forward to helping more families find some zen in their most chaotic days.”

The Yoga and Mindfulness Series for Kids joins our existing menu of in-flight health and wellness content for all ages. In 2018, our ‘ohana launched the signature Ola Pono (Live Well) series, offering guests pre-, during, and post-flight stretching exercises, ocean safety tips, and a guided farm-to-plate experience with Hawaiian Airlines Executive Chef Lee Anne Wong.



Parents: Have a family trip planned on our airline? Find some peace of mind and check out what episodes are available onboard before you fly (including a couple sneak-peek videos!):

[EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re flying on our Airbus A321neo from the U.S. Mainland, don’t forget to download the Hawaiian Airlines Entertainment app to stream the latest in-flight entertainment options. We also highly recommend you bring your headphones!]


A fun three-minute breathing and stretching activity to energize your body and mind.

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A mindful activity that gives you a playful attitude towards life.

Guided Visualization

A collection of guided visualizations to appreciate the world around you.


A simple three-minute breathing and stretching activity to calm your body and mind.


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