Michael E. McNamara

Michael E. McNamara

Michael E. McNamara was appointed to our Board of Directors in July 2020 and serves on our Compensation Committee and on the Audit and Finance Committee.

McNamara served as the executive vice president and chief information officer (CIO) of Target Corporation until January 2023. He joined the company as CIO in 2015 and has since put Target at the leading edge of multichannel retailing and data analytics. A seasoned tech expert, McNamara is responsible for transforming Target's information technology portfolio and digital infrastructure, including its popular website and mobile app.

Prior to joining Target, McNamara served as chief information officer of Tesco, a publicly traded international retailer headquartered in the UK. During his almost two-decade tenure at Tesco, McNamara led the company’s efforts to modernize its global operating model and oversaw the multi-country rollout of Tesco.com.

Born in Ireland, McNamara holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University College Dublin.