Hawaiian Airlines Celebrates Debut of Interisland First Class Service

HONOLULU, March 31, 1999 - Travelers used to enjoying the award-winning First Class service offered on Hawaiian Airlines transpacific flights now may enjoy similar pampering on the airline's interisland flights.

Having previously offered only Coach Class seating on its interisland flights, Hawaiian Airlines has reconfigured its interisland fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC-9 jet aircraft to include eight First Class seats and 125 Coach Class seats.

The new service debuts on all interisland flights April 1.

In the spirit of the day, the company announced that all Interisland First Class passengers would be picked up at their home or office by limo and whisked plane-side for VIP boarding. Personal valets will be assigned to each passenger to assist them with placement of their carry-on luggage, proper seat-belt adjustment and a demonstration of a new sensor activated personal in-seat video / Web access system.

(Actually, you still have to drive to the airport and check in at the counter, but we let you board before anybody else, and the new seats really are nice.)

Within seconds of settling down into Hawaiian's genuine leather, fully-reclining sleeper seats, a menu offering direct Internet connectivity, live news programming or a selection of three full length first-run motion pictures will appear on a monitor automatically deployed from an armrest. Movies are adjusted to fit the duration of an interisland flight using the latest in audio/video-compression technology, leaving plenty of time for friendly discourse with fellow travelers prior to landing.

(Okay, there's no video equipment, but if you close your eyes and think about what you saw on TV last night it's almost the same.)

Before departure, personal valets offer optional manicure or scalp massage to begin the relaxation that will carry through to landing.

(Just in case these aren't available on every flight, we're making sure that everybody gets a nice hand towel to freshen up before the flight - served hot in the morning and cold in the afternoon.)

Hawaiian's legendary Hawaii Regional Cuisine in First Class on transpacific flights have been lovingly adapted to Interisland First Class service: during breakfast hours, passengers will be offered their choice of Upcountry Omlette with Herb Pilaf and Portuguese Sausage or Honey Crusted Taro Flapjacks with Banana Macadamia Nut Sauce. Lunch selections include a dim sum plate or the popular Hawaiian Plate with two scoops rice. During dinner hours, passengers can choose from Seared Ahi Soba or Ulupalakua Beef Brisket with Garlic Mashed Pali Potatoes. Lunch and dinner service also offers a selection of Private Reserve California and French wines by the glass.

(Until we get the time / physics thing worked out, we're offering yummy island snacks like lilikoi lemon bars, banana poi bread, coconut shortbread cookies and Maui style potato chips produced here in Hawaii by small local companies on each island. Any can be complemented with a complimentary beverage from our full bar.)

Hawaiian's Interisland First Class passengers can avail themselves of an onboard library filled with everything from the classics to the day's latest edition of the Wall Street Journal to while away the minutes.

(Although there are no actual books, copies of the day's Honolulu Advertiser will be available during morning hours and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin will be offered in the afternoon, not to mention warm copies of Pacific Business News on Thursdays. On interisland flights, that's pretty classic.)

On arrival at each flight's destination, First Class passengers will receive complimentary hard-bound copies of "With Pride and Honor," the best-selling account of Hawaiian Airlines' first 70 years in Hawaii.

(To be honest, this hasn't been written yet. However, a mint and a smile should put you in a good mood anyway.)

Hawaiian Airlines President Paul J. Casey, having read the above, said, "No kidding, this is the best interisland air service in Hawaii, designed with the needs of our most frequent flyers and business clients in mind."

Lyn F. Anzai, the company's chief legal officer, added, "I hereby officially disclaim everything written above except for what Paul said and the stuff between parentheses, which is all true."

Founded in Honolulu 69 years ago, Hawaiian Airlines is Hawaii's longest-serving and largest airline, and the nation's 12th largest carrier. Hawaiian's fleet of DC-9s provides award-winning service on 140 jet flights daily among the islands of Hawaii. Hawaiian also operates a fleet of McDonnell Douglas widebody DC-10 aircraft on 14 flights a day between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland. Its DC-10 South Pacific service links Honolulu with American Samoa and Tahiti.