Hawaiian Airlines Responds to Union News Release

HONOLULU – Sep. 17, 2008 - In response to a news release issued Tuesday by the Air Line Pilots Association announcing a joint request for assistance from the National Mediation Board to help the parties secure a new contract, Hawaiian Airlines issued the following statement:

Contrary to the assertion of the pilots’ union, Hawaiian has not earned ‘significant profits.’ Excluding a one-time litigation settlement, Hawaiian has generated operating losses through the first six months of 2008 and will pay well over $100 million more for fuel this year compared to 2007.

Hawaiian’s management remains committed to negotiating in good faith with our pilots’ union to reach a new contract. We would like to increase the pay of our employees to the extent that the company is able to and to the extent that it will not deepen our competitive disadvantage.

We believe pay increases are possible provided that contract provisions limiting efficiency are fixed, but it will take a more constructive negotiating approach by the union for this to happen. Our objective is to secure an agreement recognizing the uncertainties of our business and moving Hawaiian forward to the benefit of all of our stakeholders, pilots included.