Statement from Hawaiian Airlines: Injunction Ruling

Oct. 6, 2006 - Commenting on Judge Faris' written ruling issued today, Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO Mark Dunkerley said,

“Today's ruling established that we will likely succeed at trial in proving that Mesa breached our contract, that Mesa's testimony in this case has, in the Judge's words, been ‘profoundly troubling' for its contradictions and raises ‘serious doubts' about the credibility of its witnesses, and that Mesa's chief financial officer made false statements under oath about Mesa's desire to put Aloha Airlines out of business. Although the preliminary relief was not granted in this first step of the process, we are confident that at trial we will win the injunctive relief we've requested, along with substantial damages for the injury that Mesa has caused Hawaiian.

The judge's ruling reinforces our conviction that, rather than increasing competition in the Hawaii interisland market, Mesa is using deceptive practices, size and clout, to injure competitors and destroy competition. Let's be clear that Mesa is Goliath to Hawaiian's David in this fight.”